Making a living has been our everyday companion. Since time immemorial, making a living is a basic need and must-have of every living individual. Everyone has to keep up with the everyday struggle but because it has been part of our lives everything becomes normal. Though we have different ways of surviving in this chaotic world, the struggle we all go through is the same. Just like artists, for example.
As an artist, one must be competitive especially in our time today where everything is fast and advanced. Yes, artists are skilled. Some have it naturally and some learn it formally. Making pieces of artworks are their way of living. So it’s safe to say that they are on business too, right? But being on business is also a different story. When in business one must also learn special skills to handle everything well. Now, how can artists learn business skills as diverse and sharp as their artistic skills?
Here are a few important keys for artists to ponder on to diversely learn business skills.
1. Learn how to communicate. Communication is the number one skill to be good at when it comes to any kind of business. When you learn the right way of communicating with people it will not be difficult for you to be in business. Being an excellent communicator will make you comfortable with different kinds of people.
2. Be natural. People will love a trust people who are real. It can be seen in your words and actions especially when you are talking to them. So it is best to master tip number one to be able to apply tip number two.
3. Read books by inspirational business authors. Some of these authors are Robert Kiyosaki, Francis Kong, Darren Hardy, Tony Robbins and a lot more. These artists-turned-business-mentors have a lot of things to share that could be of great help to you. You can learn from all of their true to life experiences and apply those learnings to become successful.
4. Attend trainings. These trainings may be conducted online through a webinar (web seminar), it can be in the form of audiobooks that can easily be downloaded from the internet, or it can also be through big events like conventions where different professional individuals share their stories.
5. Be patient. Never be in a rush when it comes to learning and mastering a skill especially if it is your way of living. Remember, it always takes time, give yourself time to learn, understand and adjust. Let it be gradual so that learning will happen smoothly. Every day is a new learning opportunity. Take it one day at a time.
6. Be with people who encourage you. When you surround yourself with encouraging, positive individuals, life becomes easier and learning becomes better. This is because your environment is good and you share the same sentiments and little successes with these people. Being with positive individuals lessens the stress from around you.
7. Enjoy. Take it lightly. Learning a skill does not need to be serious and boring. You just have to go with the flow and enjoy every step of it because it is always true that when you enjoy what you are doing, the product would be great.
8. Be resourceful and artistic. You are an artist so this is a plus. Use your skill as an artist in handling business. There are no strict rules for business, you can always modify whichever way is comfortable with you.
9. Practice. You can never master anything without putting it to practice. Do it every single day and one day you’ll be surprised that everything will come out naturally, professionally.
10. Be open-minded. Having an open mind especially in learning and mastering skills is very important. You need to learn to be open to new things such as ideas, corrections, rejections and a lot more. Remember that these things are not to put you down but to help you improve.
These are just a few tips that can help you improve your business skills. Try applying these tips and see for yourself the positive results that it can give you. Don’t forget to enjoy each day and take your time in exploring what’s best for you.

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