Art is everywhere because we see it unfolding around us. We find art in every creation. It has its own unique design, pattern, and purpose. We marvel at the rich tapestry of nature’s gifts before us, and more so, of the creativity of its creator. Nature reveals to us the Creator’s handiwork and we cannot but admire His work. From it flows our innate desire to create, design and build.

We see varied forms of art, woven from an artist’s mind and heart. An artist duplicates the Creator’s work in his art. He uses objects, patterns, and colors and starts to paint, carve, sketch, mold and build. Everything an artist does is borne out of passion and the dictates of his heart. His love for an inspiration fires him up to a variety of expressions and he wants to capture those expressions in a canvass, sculpting table, drawing board or clay. There is no handicap that can hinder an artist to give expression to his passion.

An artist is not yoked to any rules but he makes his art a product of inspiration, individuality, and uniqueness. Making art is not only limited to the well-equipped person but also to any person with a handicap. If a person listens to his heart, thinks and knows his potential and skills, then he will spring into action and pursue his passion.

Every day is a new opportunity for exploration. If one would allow one’s self to slow down, know his heart’s desires and reflect on what he really wants in life then he gets to have the scenario of what he really wants and become. He is not afraid to dream new dreams, accept challenges, welcome change and embark on unfamiliar territory.

Art is addicting; it fuels a burning desire to create, design and build again and again. Perhaps there will come a time when an artist would retire into being an admirer of his own works of art, share them with others, and see art in another’s dimension. That is the time that he would have come to the fulfillment of his dream and achieved his passion. There would still be an ember in his heart that flutters from time to time but the hand has ceased to draw, paint or sculpt the inspiration because he has reached his perfection and would want others to discover what he discovered.

Art is a man’s product of imagination and inspiration. A greater Artist is his mentor and model for from Him comes all that an artist possesses: his life, time and talents.  Art conveys what is beautiful and meaningful. It portrays the soul of the artist, an expression of his heart’s longings, dreams, and desires. Sometimes an observer of art cannot fathom what the artist is trying to convey as some works are veiled in abstract design. How one perceives art is between the artist and the beholder of art. Art is a product of a heart’s creativity. It is the heart of creativity.


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