The life of an artist is basically a life of following one’s heart. It is a life full of passion and definitely risks and losses as well. Not everyone can deal with an artist, and the same goes for artists. There are different kinds of artists, and so the lifestyles may vary just like you and me, except for one thing, an artist’s life is always a life full of passion.

Artists tend to be very keen and enthusiastic about doing the art form that they do best, but are most of the time reluctant to do other things that do not interest them at all. An artist’s life is a life of growth, development, and finding one’s place in this world.

Growth, personal or artistic, comes from the decisions that an artist makes, the trades that change a lot in the artist’s life, and this happens a lot of times for an artist, to be questioned on whether to keep on with the arts or to do something else that could benefit everyone practically. This is where an artist is tested and proves to oneself that art indeed is the path to be taken.

Development or mastery is when an artist chooses to be an artist, and live the life of redoes and drafts, so one develops step by step, slowly but surely, into the master artist that one is bound to be. This comes in every failure, in every loss, and of course in all the successes.

Finding that one place in the world, where one feels complete or is ought to complete, is one of the primary struggles of an artist, and will continue to be as the artist grows into a master of his or her form and crafts. The reason why they create in the first place is to fill the void of space and to make life feel complete and worth living, but this tends to be a tragedy, a continuous but beautiful and full of art tragedy that lives on visibly until today.

Art and passion resonates really well with each other, and thus, most of the time artists live their life dedicated to a cause that they believe in, it may be something very personal, like self-promotion, their ego, or idealistic and society-related like an idea or concept that could solve wars, hunger, or poverty through promotion of mindfulness, or something else that we still have not have a grasp of yet.

The thing is, an artist’s life is still a life of purpose just like how a teacher’s, a doctor’s, or your life is. They just have a different way of approaching it, a different but necessary path. They approach life and live it with a heart full of passion and a mind full of creativity. They may do as they please but do also trade a lot of other opportunities for art. They choose to live this life, and it will be their greatest piece as they continue on.

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