There are various stories and myths regarding the idea of art in the past. Plenty of these stories will make one tear up from laughter or will cause one’s jaws to drop. Art is not just an aspect of life, it is a lifestyle that is necessary to counter all the problems society has today. Actions may speak louder than words, but art speaks on behalf of everyone with its mere presence. It leaves some gaping in astonishment without even saying a word. Art is a gift wrapped by artists, filled with color on a blank canvas, for the people who cannot say a thing. Its presence in society speaks volumes as it has affected the course of history and the cultures practiced today. Here are some fun facts that will tickle minds!

1. Location: Greece

One of the first art myths was in the time of Ancient Greece. This marked the first art competition between two skilled optical illusion painters- Zeuxis and Parrhasius. They were both very talented but their pride was getting in the way, so they decided to settle who the best was through a head to head or shall one call it a “brush to brush” match.

Zeuxis drew a bunch of grapes that appeared so real that birds flew near it and pecked it. But when Zeuxis ordered his opponent Parrhasius to remove the curtain cover of the flower he painted, he was astonished because the curtain was a part of the painting. Everyone can all attest to who the winner is now and who will have the bragging rights for all eternity.

2. Location: Rome

Everyone knows about the great Roman tribes for their amazing war strategies that helped them survive through different fights between different city-states. But these people were not only talented in the art of war, but they were talented in the arts, in general. Notice how through every king or emperor who has ruled, there is a statue of them in what everyone now knows as their palace. But what one did not know about these statues was that their bodies actually remained the same throughout the Roman history. Sculptors do not remake the bodies of their king over and over again, especially with the continuous thirst for blood these people have. Roman statues are actually made with detachable heads so that one can easily replace one with another. These statues may be irreplaceable but what happened to their leaders?

3. Location: Louvre Museum

Everyone knows the Mona Lisa as one of the most prized paintings in history. Aside from Leonardo da Vinci taking twelve years to just paint her lips, one should discuss what had brought about the rise of the Mona Lisa to fame – its theft.

Peruggia was the mastermind of one of the greatest art heists of all time. He was the person hired to create protective glass cases for famous works, like the Mona Lisa itself. After hiding in the closet for a whole night, he hid it under his smock, which was an undergarment during that period and he was about to escape until he realized that the door was locked. A helpful plumber passed by and opened the door with his key. The theft was complete.

For the first time in history, the image of Mona Lisa was put up with headliners “60 Detectives seek stolen Mona Lisa.” This was the press’s way to provoke the government who ran the museum it was stolen in.

The empty wall where the Mona Lisa used to be hung attracted more viewers than the actual painting itself. More and more copies of Da Vinci Code were sold. Peruggia later returns the Mona Lisa after having it kept for a year in his apartment. His motive was to bring the Mona Lisa back to its homeland in Italy. People claimed that he had the reverse Stockholm syndrome – where the hostage-taker falls in love with the hostage. The hostage was indeed a work of art.

These are just a few of the facts that one can find in art. Art is definitely something everyone should be proud to have. It has its own history that needs to be told.

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