As creative as artists go, many have already embraced different painting techniques that challenge their skill. Through the years, great artists have revolutionized and innovated traditional techniques in order to push for more avant-garde approaches when it comes to their craft.

This opened up to countless of ideas among artists all over the world to think outside the box and make room for more ways to celebrate art as a form of expression. It has been their way of breaking beyond their limitations and explore more ways to improve their ability.

On Revolutionizing Painting Techniques

In fact, a lot of great artists in the modern era challenged their own artistry by experimenting with new ways to create great artwork by using other materials instead of a paintbrush. Through their creativity and fearlessness, these artists have changed the game in the modern art world.

If you are thinking about improving your skills in painting or embracing new possibilities as an artist, it definitely doesn’t hurt to try out different ways to create breathtaking and moving pieces of artwork.

Different Alternative Painting Techniques

This blog post will explore more on some of the popular alternative painting techniques that you should try or take inspiration from. Artists can either practice and explore these known alternative methods or create one of their own.


This painting technique involves pouring different paint medium or colors into a blank canvas for it to create varied and unexpected patterns. While the existence of this method has been known for a long time now, its rise to fame really took off during the Abstract Expressionism movement.

Among the famous artists that became popular for their creations using the pouring technique includes Morris Louis, Jackson Pollock, and Helen Frankenthaler. These well-loved artists have made a mark in the art world by expressing and showing their talent by celebrating the beauty of color and abstract expression.

Pulling and Scraping

This painting technique has to do with pulling paint across the canvas and then scrapping it off using a squeegee or a palette knife. It allows artists to show the movement of his material.

Pulling and scraping techniques are best associated with a German contemporary painter named Gerard Richter who applied this technique with a squeegee and the Dutch Abstract Expressionist named Willem de Kooning who used a palette knife to come to this effect.

Splattering and Dripping

Perhaps one of the most popular techniques used in creating abstract pieces, splattering and dripping is a method wherein paint or ink is splashed throughout the canvas and mixing them up along with other colors.

This technique dates back to the 15th century when Japanese Zen Buddhist artists experimented with splattering or splashing ink. A lot of artists who were part of the Dada and the Surrealist movement also find this method as expressive and experimental.

Body Printing

Artists have also experimented with new techniques that they even made use of parts of their bodies as a way to create an artwork. Through the body printing technique, artists use the human figure to print and create an impression of the body.

Popular artists made waves using this technique as show what the body can contribute to their artistic process. Some of the artists who are made famous through the body printing technique are Alina Szapocznikow and Bruce Nauman.


The impasto technique is a method that allows artists to show a sense of three-dimensionality and high-texture to an artwork. With that effect, it could create drama or emphasize the mode or what the artist wants to express in his painting.

Oftentimes, painters apply this method using a palette knife of direct from the tube. The layers and texture that this technique creates allow for natural light and shadows to come into play and adding the painting’s entire effect.

Mixed Media

Coming from its name, mixed media paintings are those that incorporate or combine different materials and methods into a painting. Artists can definitely challenge their limits as to what they can create because this technique isn’t just limited to drawing and painting materials.

Fabric, soil, collage materials, and just about anything your imagination can take you could become a part of a mixed media painting. The possibilities are endless and the opportunity for artistic expression is definitely boundless.

On Art as a Form of Expression

Art will always be one of the greatest ways to creatively express and convey a certain message. It has the power to move and affect people’s feelings and how they see life in general.

This is why art should be explored in ways that artists have not even looked into. These painting techniques were already tried and tested among the great artists of all generation. For one to find more ways to improve and innovate, practicing these techniques can definitely be a great start!

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