Can Painting and Art make you smarter?

Painting and art evolve from inspiration, artistry or creativeness, intellectual ingenuity, and craftsmanship. It follows that the process of making art propels one to be creative, methodical and smarter.


The creation of something is a product of wisdom. From a spark of inspiration, Eureka! It propels your mind to process creative ideas, experiment on their development, and apply techniques and methods that are uniquely your style. You get to improve your creativeness as you honed your skills. It is for this reason that an artist differs from another in idea, style, and creativity.

Your painting or art depicts your own aspirations in life, beliefs, choices, attitude or personality, mood, feelings, and intellectual prowess. If your mood is gloomy, as an example, you will create a somber picture. If your thinking mind is upbeat, you will create a more challenging and brighter scenario.

In the same way, we deal with life according to our beliefs and choices. Most often, our choices are based on mood, feelings, and attitude at the time of rendering judgment or decision.

In handling matters about life’s challenges, your creativeness will help you achieve the desired results, or if not, learn to be flexible and persevering under pressure.


An artist’s mind follows the natural processing of thoughts —imagining, outlining, detailing, framing and crafting. Along the way, while working on the subject of your art, you will have mastered the upside and downside of things and come up with a work of art, definitely one that bears your own trademark or personality.

Sometimes you come up with unconventional methods but still end up achieving your goal. It depends again on creativity and your perception of things.

In tackling problematic situations, you will already be adapting your ways and methods aptly and efficiently.

Being smart

Painting or art makes you smarter. The way you make art or view art differs on the one who makes or the one who views it. It takes both creative and critical thinking. For one to create art it takes intellectual ingenuity and the craftsmanship to capture the viewer’s attention. A viewer appreciates art and relates to its depiction, as the artist intended, especially when the connection is established. The viewer connects to the mind of the artist, understands the “language” of his heart and gets to appreciate the details of the craft he made.

To conclude, both painter and appreciator of art get to become smarter in dealing with scenarios that need creativity, ingenuity, and know-how. One is able to go through the evolution of an idea or ideas up to the stages of development and their application.

In life situations, you can already be equipped to do things the right way because you are already adept at how you make or view life’s landscapes. The beauty of art is it makes us one with the Creator, the Source of Wisdom. Viewed from these perspectives we get to live life fully for we are wonderfully made by a Great Artist.

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